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Resources are items whose primary purpose is to be collected and used by crafters, upgrading items with the Nano Forge, or to craft items using the Transmogrifying Cube. The most common resources are those sourced from breaking down items:

  • Scrap Material
  • Runic Fragment
  • Tech Component
  • Blessed Shard
  • Nanoshard

Note that Nanoshards are also sourced from boss drops.

Certain enemies can also drop different resources that are also used in crafting:

Further, events may introduce more materials used in quests or crafting event-related items such as consumables, gear, dye-kits and even title tokens.

Event Specific Drops Overview
Name Event
Eggs Easter Event
Potato Guy Fawkes Event
Apple Guy Fawkes Event
Jar of Black Treacle Guy Fawkes Event
Barrel of Gunpowder Guy Fawkes Event
Penny Loaf Guy Fawkes Event
Farthing of Cheese Guy Fawkes Event
Pint of Beer Guy Fawkes Event
Black Fawkes Elixir Guy Fawkes Event
Red Fawkes Elixir Guy Fawkes Event
Hunk of Flesh Guy Fawkes Event
Slice of Raw Meat Guy Fawkes Event
Handful of Giblets Guy Fawkes Event


They do not have to be kept in a players inventory to be used, they can be left in the Personal Stash and used even when a player is out of a station as if they were all in the inventory.