Riding in Style

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Riding in Style
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Arphaun
Station: Incoming Transmission from Arphaun
Previous quest: ...All the Live Long Day
Next quest: Brotherly Love

Experience: none
Palladium: none
Standing: none
Other: none

Clear the Tracks

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: ...All the Live Long Day
The next quest in the sequence is: Brotherly Love

  • Quest name: Riding in Style



  • Experience: none
  • Palladium: none


Arphaun: <playername>, I just got the report.
Arphaun: Excellent work fixing the train.
Arphaun: You're not actually capable of failure, are you?
Arphaun: Hm. I think this little rescue of ours would be better off if you personally provided cover.
Arphaun: If something's stupid enough to get in your way, do what you do best.
Arphaun: I will see you at Templar Base!

  • Speak with Techsmith 99

Techsmith 99: All done!
Techsmith 99: We'll load her up with the last wounded and move out.
Techsmith 99: Once this thing starts rumbling, it'll fast turn into an enormous mobile Demon buffet.
Techsmith 99: Beasts from miles around are going to lineup for a snack.
Techsmith 99: Damn... Scanners say some of the bastards have already arrived.
Techsmith 99: Oh damn... There's something real big up ahead, <playername>.
Techsmith 99: I'm not going to risk driving this train full of wounded Knights into a Great Demon, so you'd better run along and clear the way.
Techsmith 99: Once you occupy whatever the heck it is that's contesting our passage, I'll get the wounded express rolling.
Techsmith 99: Good luck.
Techsmith 99: Oh! Almost forgot...
Techsmith 99: Your friends are in the back. Lann and Aeron, I mean.
Techsmith 99: They've been beaten up some, but are otherwise okay.
Techsmith 99: I thought you'd like to know.
Techsmith 99: All aboard!

  • Clear the Tracks
  • Incoming Transmission:
  • Wait for the Train

Arphaun: Nicely done, boss! The way is clear and we are rolling right now, <playername>.
Arphaun: Whatever else you have to do, I would strongly recommend you do it fast.
Arphaun: We'll be around shortly, but we won't be slowing down for anything or anybody, so watch the tracks unless you want to be plastered onto 'em by many tons of speeding train.
Arphaun: And hey, thanks again for plowing the road, <playername>. You saved us all.
Arphaun: See you at Templar Base!