SPriority Parts

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Priority Parts
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Lyra Darius
Station: Liverpool Street Station
Previous quest: History Lessons
Next quest: Old Path

Experience: 1420
Palladium: 95
Standing: +100 with Liverpool Street Station
Other: Unidentified Enhanced Helmet

Travel to Undershaft



  • Experience: 1420
  • Palladium: 95
  • Standing: +100 standing with The People of Liverpool Street Station
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Helmet


Lyra Darius: I never expected to unravel the mystery of my survival in a single mission.
Lyra Darius: I'm happy for the clues I got.
Lyra Darius: One, the trace scans of both locations you've mapped indicate that the Reaper was there.
Lyra Darius: That Demon emits a particular kind of trace radiation, likely the result of whatever infernal power bleeds off it.
Lyra Darius: There's also indication of a flash plasma explosion...just the kind emitted by low-yield, close proximity, anti-personnel ordnance.
Lyra Darius: That is exactly what I used in the church.
Lyra Darius: I don't have the clearest picture painted yet, but this new data tells me something: The Reaper was alive after detonation.
Lyra Darius: I coordinated your data with out local monitoring nets. What I've found is...interesting.
Lyra Darius: 6 Mind Cradles appear to be scattered about Undershaft. They emit the same distinct combination of infernal radiation and plasma traces.
Lyra Darius: Obviously, I'd like them secured for examination.

Lyra Darius: This is it, isn't it?
Lyra Darius: Well done!
Lyra Darius: These Mind Cradles are another piece of the puzzle.