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Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Maxim
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: Tripping the Rift
Next quest: A Luring

Experience: 0
Palladium: 0
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Bishop's Court

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: Tripping the Rift
The next quest in the sequence is: A Luring

  • Quest name: Secrets



  • Experience: 0
  • Palladium: 0


Maxim: Come closer. I must entrust to you something of --ah-- great importance.
Maxim: The future, <playername>. I speak now of the future.
Maxim: Mine...and perhaps yours.
Maxim: Two messages. Both vital. Airwaves cannot be relied upon to deliver the words they carry.
Maxim: Will you take them for me, <playername>?
Maxim: Will you serve well and mark your place in history below mine?
Maxim: The messages... One for my dutiful Principality Lann. One for the my dear First Sword, Aeron.
Maxim: Find each man at the head of his Fist... At the head of my vanguard!
Maxim: Yes, <playername>. The Templar have massed. Soon we will act.
Maxim: Be swift. Contact me upon delivery.
Maxim: Soon now. Very soon now.

Aeron Altair: <playername>! It's good to see you my friend!
Aeron Altair: Come to join us, then?
Aeron Altair: We're to use these modified Far Sights to detect and destroy nearby Rifts before they settle.
Aeron Altair: Why the High Lord assigned such a large contingent to the task, I do not know.
Aeron Altair: Who am I to doubt so great a man?
Aeron Altair: What's this then? You bring new orders from the Seneschal?
Aeron Altair: ...No. He can't think to-- No, this can't be.
Aeron Altair: Are you certain this came from High Lord Maxim, <playername>?
Aeron Altair: These are truly the orders my liege has given?
Aeron Altair: Very-- Very well then.
Aeron Altair: It seems I am to die tonight. It seems all my men are to die.
Aeron Altair: I shall see you in the long after, my friend.
Aeron Altair: If you chance to survive the Demon, let those who come next know...
Aeron Altair: Let them know Aeron Altair was loyal to the last.

Aeron is shaken. Maxim's orders crumple to the floor. The unbeaten Seraphim First Sword has seen his grave and it is open.

  • Travel to Old Bailey
  • Deliver Maxim's word to Sergeant Lann

Brandon Lann: I never actually thanked you. I do now.
Brandon Lann: You saved me, <playername>. I... I will not forget.
Brandon Lann: I am indebted but can offer little in return.
Brandon Lann: Listen. I know my liege means to abandon us to an impossible task.
Brandon Lann: I know also that you would not ever do the same.
Brandon Lann: He is not like you and me. The High Lord thinks us both fools. We are not.
Brandon Lann: Only foolishly loyal, perhaps.
Brandon Lann: What you bring from his grace, it's no surprise. I have been waiting -- steeling myself and showing my men neither fear nor doubt. As a Knight should.
Brandon Lann: Tell me, <playername>, do you know what a Knight is?
Brandon Lann: In my youth, I dreamt of Knighthood.
Brandon Lann: Oh, to be a champion! To be named hero by peers.
Brandon Lann: To live as a man of song once did, born to save the meek from injustice -- born to stand against all storms great and small.
Brandon Lann: I was young and wrong to want.
Brandon Lann: A Knight is no more than a weapon, <playername>. We are to be pointed and used until we shatter, dull or rust.
Brandon Lann: Do not follow me now. Do not be used.
Brandon Lann: Where I go -- all this -- it's not for you.
Brandon Lann: Leave. On your way.
Brandon Lann: I am a Knight still...and so must obey.

Lann reads. Over and over he reads his orders, quiet and cold.

  • Incoming Transmission:

Maxim: The orders have been received and acknowledged. You've done well, <playername>.
Maxim: What a satisfying liegeman you've become!
Maxim: Lann and Aeron now lead my march. Their compliance was necessary and you have --ah-- delivered it on cue.
Maxim: I rule the Templar, <playername>.
Maxim: I am the Templar -- their lord and master...their legend.
Maxim: And tonight I shall carve my name into the Gate of Hell so deeply the whole of Creation will have no choice but to stare agape and remember Maxim for time unending.
Maxim: Listen now to destiny... I will broadcast this to all loyal men and women of light:
Maxim: Templar... Attend!
Maxim: War is upon us.
Maxim: Will you heed the call raging within you?
Maxim: Will you stand and fight as your Seneschal commands?
Maxim: Will you march to glory!?!
Maxim: Follow Principality Lann and the Seraphim First Sword!
Maxim: Seal the Gates that would presume to ruin our Earth!
Maxim: Crush the Demon where it dwells!
Maxim: Cut to the very heart of Darkness!
Maxim: Go now to victory!
Maxim: Go now to glory!
Maxim: I assure it, for this is Truth and I have spoken it!
Maxim: Go now...'

  • Arphaun breaks into the transmission:

Arphaun: Do not listen! He leads you astray!
Arphaun: <playername>, do not follow him! I beg you. Please, you must return to me immediately!
Arphaun: We must save as many of Maxim's Templar as we can.

Arphaun: Hmph! Maxim acted faster than I thought possible.
Arphaun: The damned daft fool!
Arphaun: His name will be writ in smoke! History will see to that.
Arphaun: It looks as though we are doomed to become the survivors who must right his wrongs.
Arphaun: This is a true catastrophe, <playername>.
Arphaun: Soon Maxim's force will reach the Hellgate. Soon the Templar will meet the Demon and burn during the greeting.
Arphaun: We can only hope to save as many as possible before the end.
Arphaun: Please, give me a moment. I must devise a plan.