Serpent Protector

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Dissector Shield.png
Serpent Protector
Mythic Dissector Shield

We were ensnared by the wisdom of the serpent; we are set free by the foolishness of God.
-Saint Augustine

Armor: 366 Shelds: 311

Toxic Dmg (Splash): 38-70/3m
Toxic Dmg (Field): 18-34/sec/3m for 5 seconds
Critical Damage: 50%
Interrupt Strength: 147
Poison Attack Strength: 823
Poison Defence: 305

Adds 305 poison defense
Critical Chance Multiplier ([variable caste]): +[10 - 45]%
1 mythic affix
1 legendary or rare affix
1 additional legendary, rare, or common affix

[1 - 2]

[Variable feed costs]

Item level 57
Requires Character Level 48

Guardian, Blademaster

Drop level range: N/A
(Assumes level matches white monster level)

Drop Locations

Emissaries of Myth event bosses: