Shine On

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Shine On
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Gil
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: Us & Them
Next quest: The Narrow Way

Experience: 900
Palladium: 75
Standing: +100 with Charing Cross Station
Other: 1 Stat Point
Rare Mod

Travel to Craven Street




Gil: I must confess.
Gil: All these ups and downs and rounds and rounds were for one thing... Love.
Gil: Love, <playername>!
Gil: The act. The feeling. The power of...
Gil: Something Lucious will never know, having been tortured in Hell for so long, so slow.
Gil: I couldn't trust him. Don't you see? I needed you to help set my love free.
Gil: But these others - The slovenly, indolent dogs - they coveted and would have taken my love.
Gil: That is why you had to seek the truth serum.
Gil: That is why I had you operate and collect and travel.It was all for her! My sweet Ser Sing, whom I shall soon unravel.
Gil: But before my serenade, there is just one more to-do...
Gil: I require just a few Bilious Sacs from Craven Street... and very, very soon.
Gil: Will you help to the end? After all, we are but ordinary men.
Gil: I have had... most precious things on my mind. She is just so. My Ser Sing, my lemon, my... um, lime?

Gil: Oh... Oh, thank you, <playername>. Now I can tell dear Ser Sing so many lovely things.