Spine of the Abyss

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Steel Adder.png
Spine of the Abyss
Unique Steel Adder

When you say a person should be allowed to die, inject them quickly and painlessly, not let them wither away and starve to death. That is inconceivable. It's unspeakable.
- Jack Kevorkian

Toxic Dmg (Direct): [47 - 48]-[61 - 62]
Toxic Dmg (Splash): 4-5/1m
Attack Speed: Slow
Critical Damage: 50%
Interrupt Strength: 82
Poison Attack Strength: 350

Adds [142 - 159] to Poison Attack Strength
Increases Toxic Damage by [15 - 17]%
Shield Overload: +[75 - 85]%
[16 - 20]% chance to cause a remote Toxic Nova when it kills an enemy


18 Str, 11 Will

Item level 31
Requires Character Level 24

Guardian, Blademaster

Drop level range: 28 and above
(Assumes level matches white monster level)