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Monster type



Squadro can be spawned in Abyss by closing 5 Electrical Rifts found in Westminster Catacombs level 1-10 with 25% chance, Middlesex Guildhall, Storey's Gate, Great George Street, Birdcage Walk, St. James Park.


Squadro uses EMP blasts and a unique version of spectral bolts, which shoots two heat seeking bolts. He will use a unique version of Firestorm when a player is at close range. He will spawn a pack of Winged Gremlins, gaining an impenetrable shield while doing so. The Gremlins will have increased amount of HP and damage compared to regular mobs. Ranged Winged Gremlins can spawn with an F-S Rail Pistol which can do significant amounts of damage. Luring Squadro away from his adds is the the best strategy for defeating him.


Abyss Armours
Icon Name Class
T Seraph Helm m.png Angelic Visage Guardian, Blademaster
T Seraph Spaulders m.png Archangel Wings Guardian, Blademaster
T Seraph Cuirass m.png Heart of Heaven Guardian, Blademaster
T Seraph Belt m.png Archangel Cincture Guardian, Blademaster
T Seraph Cuisses m.png Archangel Cuisses Guardian, Blademaster
T Seraph Gauntlets m.png Hands of Heaven Guardian, Blademaster
T Seraph Sollerets m.png Archangel Gliders Guardian, Blademaster
H Cybernet Helmet m.png Somberg's Guise Marksman, Engineer
H Cybernet Shoulders m.png Techa Bladeguards Marksman, Engineer
H Cybernet Core m.png Techa Battlecore Marksman, Engineer
H Cybernet Belt m.png Techa Band Marksman, Engineer
H Cybernet Legs m.png TechaWeave Marksman, Engineer
H Cybernet Gloves m.png Techa Gauntlet Marksman, Engineer
H Cybernet Boots m.png Techa Deathstompers Marksman, Engineer
C Feral Mask m.png Dark Visage Evoker, Summoner
C Feral Shoulders m.png Pit Pauldrons Evoker, Summoner
C Feral Plate m.png Heart of Darkness Evoker, Summoner
C Feral Belt m.png Hellion Hasp Evoker, Summoner
C Feral Guards m.png Legion Guards Evoker, Summoner
C Feral Gloves m.png Gehenna Grasps Evoker, Summoner
C Feral Boots m.png Night Striders Evoker, Summoner
Skill Tokens
Icon Name Class
Bane of St. George.png Bane of St. George Blademaster
Ghillie Suit.png Ghillie Suit Marksman
Heart of Talox.png Heart of Talox Summoner
Orbital Stabilizer.png Orbital Stabilizer Guardian
Pendant of Talox.png Pendant of Talox Evoker
Spider Mine Schematic.png Spider Mine Schematic Engineer
Boss Ring
Icon Name Dropchance
Cursedring.png Squadro's Cursed Crystal 10%