Status Effects

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"Every damage type enables an effect. Fire ignites, toxic poisons, electricity shocks, spectral phases, and physical stuns.
However, dealing damage of any type alone does not apply these effects. Elemental strength needs to be present as well.
Finally, elemental effects are never guaranteed, and they cannot be applied unless damage is dealt to flesh.
The demons' hellish shielding magic prevents such effects, not unlike our own holy shielding enchantments. So shield penetration can solve this problem, if you cannot demolish their shields immediately."
-Smith, Afflictions (Tutorial)

The formula is: E/(E+D) where E = Elemental Strength and D = elemental defenses of the target.

Condition Damage type Effect
Stun Physical Unable to move or attack
Ignite Fire Lose 5% of maximum health per second
Shock Electrical Damage over time, prevents the use of skills
Phase Spectral Deal 50% less damage, take 50% extra damage
Poison Toxic Damage over time, unable to heal, slightly slower movement