Strange Brew

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Strange Brew
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Mac Kenzie
Station: Covent Garden Station
Previous quest: none
Next quest: Like Acids, Eh

Experience: 600
Palladium: 33
Standing: +100 with Covent Garden Station
Other: Rare Weapon

Travel to Upper Kingsway Sewers




Mac Kenzie: A few mates an' me have decided to make a strange brew to lift the spirits of our station members, you know? We're calling it Elsinore! Beauty name, eh?
Mac Kenzie: But look hoser, I'm not from around here, eh, so maybe you can help out, right?
Mac Kenzie: I need a few more Blade Husk Claws to finish the bee... er, I mean potion, eh. If you could bring me four that would be beauty, eh.
Mac Kenzie: Should be easy enough to find what I need in Upper Kingsway Sewers if you 'negotiate' with the local Blade Husks, you know?

Mac Kenzie: If I didn't have puke breath, I'd kiss you... Now stand back, hoser!