Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Beasley
Station: Covent Garden Station
Previous quest: Sweet Dreams
Next quest: Trust Me To Trust You

Experience: 310
Palladium: 65
Standing: +100 with Covent Garden Station
Other: 1 Stat Point
Unidentified Enhanced Leg Armor

Travel to Bloomsbury



  • Experience: 310
  • Palladium: 65
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Covent Garden Station
  • Stat Point: 1
  • Item: Unidentified enhanced leg armor


Beasley: I haven't slept in years! No, it's not because of stimulants. It's a byproduct of birth!
Beasley: Some good-natured defect with awful consequences - I don't know.
Beasley: Bu some things... Oh,some things become clear when rest always lies just beyond reach.
Beasley: Most clear to me now - and only because it pertains to our present Fawkes-centric activities here in station - Lann is overburdened.
Beasley: Hence his careless oversight of 9 Shriekers in Bloomsbury.
Beasley: Crushing them like so many fond dreams won't win us any awards, but it may lighten the load on our stalwart Templar champion.
Beasley: Then... What? One wink? Maybe two a night? If only!
Beasley: Think you can help?

Beasley: Ah-hah! Thank goodness.
Beasley: That was fine work, <playername>. Means I can cross you right off the 'suspect' list and put you up on the 'swell <class>' list.
Beasley: Also means I might find a minute to rest. Well, maybe later, anyway.
Beasley: Can't sleep now... We're too exposed.