Techsmith's Noxious Effluviator

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Techsmith's Noxious Effluviator
Legendary Scourgeblaster

Look around you Sam, madness everywhere. Famine, war, a great plague. These are signs we must restore balance to the natural order of things. We merely provide the means.
- Dr. Wynn

Toxic Dmg (Splash): 4-10/1.8m
Critical Damage: 50%
Interrupt Strength: 7
Rate of fire: 600 shots/min

Adds [126 - 141] to Poison Attack Strength
Splash and Field Radius: +[20 - 22]%
Firing Accuracy: +[27 - 31]

[2 - 3]

20 Acc, 10 Str

Item level 27
Requires Character Level 21

Evoker, Summoner

Drop level range: N/A
(Assumes level matches white monster level)

Drop Locations

The Super-Ego of 314 (first kill only)