Temple Trek

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Temple Trek
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Lord Arphaun
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: Mind Mysteries
Next quest: The Infection

Experience: 0
Palladium: 0
Standing: 0
Other: 0

Travel to Temple Station

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: The Wall
The next quest in the sequence is: The Infection



  • Experience: 0
  • Palladium: 0
  • Standing: 0
  • Items: 0


Lord Arphaun: Another Truth! And this time a Father.
Lord Arphaun: Hm... What can it mean?
Lord Arphaun: The Oracle was to be our unwilling guide in this.
Lord Arphaun: Hmph! It seems just accessing that abysmal creature has led to the appearance of Truth, while the knowledge it contains is of little use.
Lord Arphaun: Murmur was right. Demons don't learn. It's not in their nature. They relish their foul acts, using The Oracle as a record of pain, death, and consumption -- a perverted Sage indeed.
Lord Arphaun: I'm afraid the Techsmith's going to have to live with that now.
Lord Arphaun: As to the Truths, well, they're certainly linked to us and to the Demon and to... something else.
Lord Arphaun: Hm. A mystery there.
Lord Arphaun: The only solution is to pursue what leads we have. Three leads, to be precise.
Lord Arphaun: We must find the remaining Truths, <playername>!
Lord Arphaun: The Oracle was my best guess.
Lord Arphaun: Now it's time to consult another -- someone accustomed to hunting the unseen.
Lord Arphaun: Head to Temple Station. I would have you speak with Rorke Pherral of the Hunt.
Lord Arphaun: If these Truths are to be found, he's the man to find them.
Lord Arphaun: We'll rendezvous in Monument Station later.

Rorke Pherral: Oh mercy, mercy."
Rorke Pherral: Yuck! Feels like I've been soiled to the bone!
Rorke Pherral: But I suppose alive is still alive, right? Got to be happy about that...
Rorke Pherral: Happily covered in Demon spillage and boil stink and goodness knows what else, anyway.
Rorke Pherral: Kid, you be my witness here. I swear now, on all things good and decent, I will kill those sons of bitches for this one.
Rorke Pherral: I will kill them rotten -- every damn one of 'em!
Rorke Pherral: I just need to find a way first. And, um, take a shower.
Rorke Pherral: This infection has spread to the entire surrounding area.
Rorke Pherral: Everything we've thrown at it barely scratches the surface. And boy have we ever thrown a lot!
Rorke Pherral: Don't you worry, though. I'm going to work this out, kid. I'm going to come up with something sick for this one. Promise.
Rorke Pherral: Just give me some time to lay it on paper.
Rorke Pherral: See what you can do for the folks around here in the meantime. Work's been slacking.
Rorke Pherral: Honestly, my Cells have been a little preoccupied with other things. You understand.