The Deep

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The Deep
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Arphaun
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: Triage
Next quest: The Sigil

Experience: 2130
Palladium: 332
Standing: none
Other: Laser Goggles (upon starting)

Travel to Liverpool Street Station

This is a Storyline Quest with multiple parts. The previous quest in the sequence was: Triage
The next quest in the sequence is: The Sigil

  • Quest name: The Deep


Travel to Liverpool Street Station


  • Experience: 2,130
  • Palladium: 332
  • Items: Laser Goggles (upon starting)


Arphaun: Emmera and I have been studying. She's...driven.
Emmera: Only to discover what this power within me is so that I may better control it should it rise again.
Emmera: I will not be overcome, Arphaun. Not now. Not when Hell quivers before us.
Emmera: Somehow I know the Sigil is the key -- the key to every door in all places.
Arphaun: Hm. Perhaps. We have been studying each Truth and have known for much longer of this Sigil, Emmera -- this great sign of Creation.
Arphaun: Our finest have quested to attain it, should such a thing be possible. Little was gained from their journey.
Again we're to chase mystical geese? For this...key to everything?
Arphaun: I believe in Truth, Emmera. But what is there to this artifact?
Emmera: I haven't any answers, Arphaun. Only feeling.
Emmera: The Sigil is no artifact. It is a place -- a land that stretches beyond space and time -- a land that encompasses everything and nothing.
Emmera: It is a field upon which all things are equaled. Somehow I understand this.
Emmera: Somehow I know it's a gift, a means by which we can protect our own.
Emmera: No quest to find the Sigil will ever succeed, Arphaun. It cannot be captured or contained. Such was our mistake. We must not seek it.
Emmera: We must...mark it.
Emmera: Jessica Sumerisle led the last team. Go with her again, <playername>. Emmera: Take the Seeker Crowe and the Hunter Petrus.
Emmera: You will mark the Sigil this time. I feel it.
Arphaun: As you say, child. Hm.
Arphaun: Your journey begins at Liverpool Street Station then, <playername>. I pray it ends well.

  • Part 1 - Upon Arrival
  • Jessica Sumerisle: Ah, there you are. I've heard much, <playername>. People can't help but talk.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: I've enjoyed their stories and am glad to finally meet you. You've done us all a great service.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: I too was saved by your train. Did you know?
  • Jessica Sumerisle: Well, it doesn't matter. You saved many that day.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: To business then?
  • Jessica Sumerisle: Arphaun and Emmera let me know you'd be coming. They want me to guide you on a quest for the Sigil, or at least a means to mark it. Apparently there's a difference now.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: I think they are...optimistic. Our own journey was less than enlightening, <playername>.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: We followed the path, explored the ways, and came up empty.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: But if you truly wish it, Saul, Seeker Crowe and I can accompany you down the same roads.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: We'll retrace our steps into the deep Necropolis and...I don't know...hope for luck?
  • Part 1 - Upon Completion
  • Jessica Sumerisle: I can't believe it...
  • Jessica Sumerisle: This is the same place, but different! It's as if the world itself reshaped for you, <playername>.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: Whatever these Truths are, whatever Emmera sees, whatever we've done here... You are at the heart of it.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: We've marked the Sigil. I don't know exactly what that means, but we've done it.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: Emmera and Arphaun will want to hear of this. They'll be waiting for our return.
  • Jessica Sumerisle: All these years living under my grandfather's shadow, clinging to his last words... "My greater destiny."
  • Jessica Sumerisle: Have I fulfilled it, Grandfather?
  • Emmera: It has begun.
  • Emmera: The Sigil is marked. I can see it with my naked eye!
  • Emmera: The River within me has chilled.
  • Emmera: It prepares.
  • Emmera: I am at a loss, <playername>. But I see it all. The Sigil will rise and create the Battleplain.
  • Emmera: We have the chance. We can bring Demonkind to its knees. We can behead its masters.
  • Emmera: I know them too. I have seen Sydonai, Arphaun. He waits for me at the Hellgate.
  • Arphaun: Hm, One step at a time, shall we?
  • Emmera: Of course. But with each step taken, however small, I grow more...aware.
  • Emmera: Even now I sense the path laid before us, clear and cold as the River of Souls itself. And in my mind the River speaks a single word: "War. War. War."
  • Emmera: It would have us war, Arphaun.
  • Emmera: Who am I to know this?
  • Arphaun: I don't know, lass.
  • Arphaun: That's no corruption in you and you're no Cabalist. But this prize... Hmph! It's dangled before us.
  • Arphaun: We happened upon Truth. We were lead to the marking. Now we must fight upon the Sigil.
  • Arphaun: But are the gifts proffered genuine or lures? Is the Dark speaking through you to lead us to murder - to lead us to this Eldest?
  • Arphaun: Or is something else happening?
  • Emmera: Too many questions, Arphaun. I hear too many questions and can give no answers.
  • Emmera: I know only this: Soon we will be tested. Only those who pass can raise the Sigil to level all realms.
  • Emmera: Then we will walk upon the Battleplain and The Herald shall lead.