The Desiccator

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Monster type

Necro Lord (Hellmeat)


The Desiccator possess the power of inflicting a foul curse upon randomly selected player every 10 seconds in the range of 20 meters for the duration of ~7 seconds. The players under Petrification are unable to move or use any abilities, invulnerable during this debuff and cannot be targeted by monsters.
The Aegis - Shield of Legend buff can help to prevent Petrification
Summon Mummies
The Desiccator calls a pack of 6 Grave Lurkers to his side every 16 seconds to distract the player and buy him the time to recover his wounds. Grave Lurkers have high poison attack strength, mediocre health pool and as an Undead in general are weak to ignite.
The Desiccator though body's extremely high regeneration allows him to continuously heal his wounds and ignore small amounts of damage inflicted. Strong poison and/or ignite weaponry can greatly help to negate this vile power.


Enter and go through The Wilds and subsequently The Foreboding Wilds to access The Deepest Wild. The boss will spawn there with a 100% chance.


Icon Name Class Drop rate
Holy Negotiator.png Bloodletter Guardian, Blademaster 5%
Sun Shield.png The Merkabah Guardian, Blademaster
F-S Triton SNPR.png F-S Omerta SNPR Marksman, Engineer
F-S Force Magnum.png Ravager Marksman, Engineer
XM3 Eviscerator.png Tropical Storm Marksman, Engineer
Obliteration Glyphshard.png Harlequin Ablaze Evoker, Summoner
Eviceration Bloodshard.png Ironbound Valley Evoker, Summoner
Mysterious Egg.png Mysterious Egg 20%