The Final Test

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The Final Test
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Autostarts
Previous quest: Test of Fellowship
Next quest: Hope

Experience: 4015
Palladium: 0
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Ploughyard

Talk to Emmera Ephram
Talk to Murmur

  • Part 2

Pass the Gauntlet
Speak with Lucious Aldin
Speak with Murmur
Command The Lightning

  • Part 3

Speak with Murmur
Activate the Sigil of Hope

This is a Storyline Quest. The previous quest in the sequence was: Test of Fellowship
The next quest in the sequence is: Hope


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

  • Speak with Murmur
  • Activate the Sigil of Hope


  • Experience: 4015


Part 1

  • Emmera: The final test nears.
  • Emmera: It is for you to take, <playername>.
  • Emmera: You will be weighted and measured. Step proud. Hold hope close and you will not be found wanting.
  • Emmera: Beyond the trials lies Truth. But the road is laden with terror.
  • Emmera: The Demon knows we come now to the end.
  • Emmera: The Demon knows our chance and the Eldest, Sydonai, has sent his legion to stand before you.
  • Emmera: Do not be dismayed. Do not waver. Do not fail.
  • Emmera: Best Hell and the last Truth will speak.
  • Emmera: Its words will raise the Sigil and hammer new strength into our old hearts.
  • Emmera: We will become the True Army. We will fight our war. We will bring down the Gate.
  • Emmera: How this is? Why it came to be? I claim no understanding.
  • Emmera: Perhaps you will learn for me, <playername>?
  • Emmera: Perhaps you will tell me why my eyes have been filled with pain and why the River rages within me...
  • Emmera: Perhaps you will tell me why I must stand at the fore.

Incoming Video Transmission...

  • Murmur: This is the final test?
  • Murmur: I should have known He wouldn't have allowed it. I should have known He'd intervene!
  • Murmur: This is no test, <playername>. This is to be a slaughter! We can't beat that. No one can beat that.
  • Murmur: It's hopeless.
  • Murmur: We've come so far. I was so close... I was so close!
  • Murmur: And now, to end it like this... It's hopeless. Just hopeless.
  • Murmur: Wait a moment...
  • Murmur: What the hell is that on the scanner? It's huge! What could it be?

Part 2

  • Lucious: Uh-huh!
  • Lucious: What did I tell you, 314? What did I bloody tell you!?!
  • Techsmith 314: Oh, sir! You said there would be a drive-thru at this location and that we'd best take the giant robot if we were to use its exquisite service, sir.
  • Lucious: Incorrect... That is most incorrect, 314! I am very disappointed with you, 314. I clearly said we'd best deliver "The Lightning" to <playername>.
  • Lucious: I remember it! I said <playername> will require The Lightning to defeat this Demon army and learn the final Truth.
  • Lucious: Yes, I did, I did indeed. I said as much. I surely did.
  • Techsmith 314: No, sir. I'm afraid you most certainly said, "drive-thru." And I distinctly recall you naming the giant robot "Gorilla Grod's Soup Can", not "The Lightning," sir.
  • Lucious: How dare you doubt me! I know what I said and I bloody well said what I said!
  • Techsmith 314: I took notes, sir.
  • Lucious: Lies!
  • Lucious: Lies!
  • Techsmith 314: And I have a recording.
  • Lucious: Vicious fabrication!
  • Techsmith 314: And you've autographed a confession.
  • Lucious: Under extreme duress!
  • Techsmith 314: There are also many photographs, sir. You signed them as well. Most emphatically, sir.
  • Lucious: Well then... I'm getting a damn sandwich! And you can go to hell..again!
  • Techsmith 314: Yes, sir! Very good, sir! Very good! And shall I instruct <playername> as to Soup Ca -- er, excuse me -- "The * Lucious: Lightning's" use?
  • Lucious: For goodness sake! Are you mad, man? The instructions are extremely complex.
  • Lucious: Your pathetic Demon tarnished brain could never hope to relate them adequately!
  • Techsmith 314: <playername> takes control, moves forward, kills things.
  • Lucious: Damn you... Lucky guess! I suppose you'd like to be called The Guess Master now, eh?
  • Lucious: Very well, Guess Master! You've won this round! Cherish your victory! It will not come again.
  • Techsmith 314: Yes sir! I shall cherish it always, sir! But not so much as I shall cherish the sweet release of death, sir. Oh, to die and be released from this walking nightmare! What joy that will be!
  • Lucious: Yes, well... Anyway! My sandwich isn't going to make its damn self, 314.
  • Lucious: Now, <playername>, use that robot!
  • Lucious: Ride The Lightning to Truth! And make me a sandwich, you lazy bitch!

Incoming Video Transmission...

  • Murmur: Well, maybe we do have a that we have a giant robot called The Lightning!
  • Murmur: Oh, I wouldn't worry. I'm sure Lucious' madness makes for terrific robotics!
  • Murmur: Maybe there is hope in this? Maybe all this is hope? It is a chance, anyway.
  • Murmur: Just the smallest of chances... That's all I ever needed and exactly what we got. And now everything hinges on this...monstrosity.
  • Murmur: Ha!
  • Murmur: It's perfect, <playername>. It's absolutely perfect.
  • Murmur: It's everything I fought for and everything I would make of victory.
  • Murmur: You don't understand, do you? No. How could you?
  • Murmur: Small chances, <playername>. I would see to fashioning a world of small chances where slim hopes against impossible odds can result in tidal waves of success.
  • Murmur: Don't you see? It's all about a tomorrow of uncertainty, <playername>.
  • Murmur: It's all about a tomorrow that yields change.
  • Murmur: Without change, what's the point of existing? We'd just be singing the same note for ever and ever and ever. And wouldn't that just be noise? Now, let's kill these bastards and raise the Sigil.

Part 3

  • Murmur: Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. No!
  • Murmur: He's here... I can feel him Oh, gods. He's here.
  • Murmur: Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere. But where? Where is He, damn it? Damn it!
  • Murmur: He can't be here. No! He can't be! Not now. Now when I'm so close.
  • Murmur: Quickly, <playername>! You must act quickly.
  • Murmur: Activate the Sigil now before it's too late.
  • Murmur: He'll ruin everything.
  • Murmur: It's the Eldest, <playername>. Sydonai approaches!
  • Murmur: If he reaches us we're doomed. you have to activate the Sigi-
  • Murmur: Too late.
  • Murmur: Sydonai comes.
  • Murmur: ...Raise the Sigil, <playername>. Make your war. Make my change...
  • Murmur: You're all I have left.

Chat Notes: Murmur trembles as Sydonai nears. He stands in its path, the small staring down the mighty.