The Hell Above

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The Hell Above
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Stewart
Station: Temple Station
Previous quest: Proving Ground
Next quest: Heartfelt

Experience: 980
Palladium: 80
Standing: +100 with Temple Station
Other: Unidentified Enhanced Boots

Travel to Upper Ground



  • Experience: 980
  • Palladium: 80
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Temple Station
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Boots


Stewart: Welcome, <playername>.
Stewart: You've just been topside and have seen the horror our streets now hold, hm?
Stewart: Terrible, isn't it?
Stewart: It's worse than most people down here think.
Stewart: Hard to imagine that this demon-infested cesspool was once one of the grand cities of the world.
Stewart: No more.
Stewart: Ah, but listen to me carry on. I assume you're checking in for duty?
Stewart: Well, we've been trying to keep the areas surrounding Temple Station clear of these Screechers, but it has been a losing battle thus far.
Stewart: Perhaps you'll be able to succeed where we have not?
Stewart: Go to Upper Ground and clear the area of 20 Screechers.
Stewart: Report back upon success.
Stewart: Good luck.

Stewart: Excellent work, <playername>.
Stewart: Your reputation is well-deserved.
Stewart: We're fortunate to have a <player-class> of your caliber on our side.