The Sigil

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The Sigil
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Emmera Ephram
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: The Deep
Next quest: Test of Knowledge

Experience: 0
Palladium: 0
Standing: none
Other: The Sigil (upon starting)

Map: Sigil locations (upon completion)

Take the Sigil

This is a Storyline Quest. The previous quest in the sequence was: The Deep
The next quest in the sequence is: Test of Knowledge


  • Part 1
    • Take the Sigil
    • Activate the PDA and view the Sigil points on the World Map
  • Part 2


  • Items: The Sigil (upon starting)
  • Map: Sigil locations (upon completion)


Part - Upon Arrival

  • Emmera: Now you will see what I see.
  • Emmera: We've already configured out systems. I've modified these data crystals and imprinted them with the mark.
  • Emmera: Use them now with your PDA. See as I do.
    • Activate the PDA and view the Sigil points on the World Map

Part 2 - After using the Sigil

  • Emmera: The sign of Creation has been revealed. I know now why the Demon trembles.
  • Emmera: My mind is clear, <playername>. The River speaks to me. I am to be its Herald and this is what I say:
  • Emmera: There is but one war and it has raged forever.
  • Emmera: At Creation, life spiraled from the deep nothing and filled the Dark's perfect void. So it was that day conquered night and the Nameless Fire raged.
  • Emmera: Suddenly the whole and capable of the hunt, Evil gave chase, wishing only to extinguish the light of Creation.
  • Emmera: I can see it, <playername>! The history of every world... New births falling before the Nameless Fire's lust for death.
  • Emmera: I can see it!
  • Emmera: The manifestation of the Eldest, those beings wrenched from the deepest pit in the Well of Midnight -- Sydonai among them. And forward to the spawn of their Dark Wills whose lashes govern Hell's legion.
  • Emmera: On and on I see. And on and on...
  • Emmera: None could stand against the Fire. None could stave off corruption.
  • Emmera: And always there was this... Always there was the Sigil.
  • Emmera: But they never knew! Some came close, but none ever stood upon the Battleplain to wage the true war.
  • Emmera: We can change this now, <playername>!
  • Emmera: We can be the first!
  • Emmera: We can turn the war of all time to our favor.
  • Emmera: There will be trials. It is for you to pass them. It is for Murmur to guide you.
  • Emmera: He knows of these tests. What he doesn't, the Truths will teach.
  • Emmera: It is for you both.
  • Emmera: The points are lit. Go now to each trial: Knowledge, Leadership. Beauty. Fellowship. And the final test.
  • Emmera: Prove your worth. Both of you.
  • Emmera: I know what you are and I know the parts you play.