The Wall

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The Wall
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Lucious Aldin
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: Hold Fast
Next quest: Mind Mysteries

Experience: 2460
Palladium: 140
Standing: none
Other: none

Speak with Lucious Aldin

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: Hold Fast
The next quest in the sequence is: Mind Mysteries



  • Experience: 2460
  • Palladium: 140


Lucious: Look at the size of this guy's head!
Lucious: Astonishing.
Lucious: Won't be long now, <playername>.
Lucious: Soon we'll hear a telling pop and then-
Techsmith 314: Pop? What pop?
Techsmith 314: You said you worked magic on me to do away with all the popping.
Techsmith 314: There shouldn't be any popping.
Techsmith 314: There's protective magic! You said so! Make it protect!
Lucious: Calm down. Of course there's protective magic, 314.
Lucious: I worked hard weaving the Dark arts to minimize any potential mess.
Lucious: Just like I said, my spells will keep the inevitable rupture contained within a small sphere that encases your skull so we won't get splashed by stray brain matter.
Techsmith 314: OK. Yeah. I get it. That's great. Just great. We'll do that then.
Techsmith 314: You know, I'm good with it. Really, I am.
Techsmith 314: But why wait?
Techsmith 314: Let me just get a Vulcan Bolter and access this knowledge in my brain right freakin' now!
Techsmith 314: ... Hey! I can't move! Why can't I move?
Lucious: Oh, that's just the Death Sphere spell getting situated. Soon you'll be completely enfolded in it's warm embrace.
Lucious: Then, when you blow, we'll stay nice and tidy.
Techsmith 314: Controlling the Demonic rage within me is getting especially difficult, <playername>.
Techsmith 314: You'd better come back in a little bit.
Techsmith 314: I'm liable to -I AM THE DARKNESS THAT ROILS BENEATH THE MASTICATING PESTILENCE- And so on and so forth.

Lord Arphaun: 314 Progressing well?
Lord Arphaun: Hm. I hope that boy understands what his sacrifice means.
Lord Arphaun: No sense in waiting around and praying for the best, though.
Lord Arphaun: We've got another situation to deal with.
Lord Arphaun: A group of Templar fanatics are stuck at Embankment Redoubt.
Lord Arphaun: They're another of Maxim's disorganized messes and won't heed a single one of my commands! Hmph!
Lord Arphaun: No matter. They're human and I'll not abandon them.
Lord Arphaun: But to survive this they're going to need a hero... I plan to give them one!
Lord Arphaun: Get down there, <playername>. Take command.
Lord Arphaun: I want you personally leading those Templar.
Lord Arphaun: They're unordered and undisciplined. To properly control such a force you must activate their Command Interlink and literally dictate their every step.
Lord Arphaun: Ensure the survival of that Fist and the security of Embankment Redoubt.
Lord Arphaun: You have your orders... and my complete confidence.

  • Guide the Fist to victory

Lord Arphaun: Again... You've come through again!
Lord Arphaun: This time I can credit you with the salvation of our most stubborn troops.
Lord Arphaun: Damn fine work, <playername>.
Lord Arphaun: Your application of sound leadership and discipline in the field has pulled the Templar out of a most precarious situation.
Lord Arphaun: If only I could claim the Techsmith and Lucious were faring as well.
Lord Arphaun: Both look ready to explode - one with unwelcome supernatural force and the other with anticipation. Hmph!
Lord Arphaun: You guess which is which.
Lord Arphaun: I think it'd be best if you check in with Lucious and 314 to obtain a status report on the progress of The Oracle's incubation, hm?