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Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Arphaun
Station: automatic
Previous quest: Brotherly Love
Next quest: The Deep

Experience: 3350
Palladium: 237
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Crown Office Row

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: Brotherly Love
The next quest in the sequence is: The Deep

  • Quest name: Triage



  • Experience: 3350
  • Palladium: 237


Arphaun: I have sent word to Jessica Sumerisle, <playername>.
Arphaun: The Templar champion will once again quest for the Sigil, this time under the Brothers' recommendation and with your help.
Arphaun: First, other matters beg our attention.
Arphaun: Our wounded have reached the relative safety of Crown Office Row near Templar Base.
Arphaun: A field hospital has been established and the Cabalist, Emmera Ephram, runs the triage.
Arphaun: However, she can't tend to every injured Knight herself.
Arphaun: She needs you, <playername>.
Arphaun: Emmera is a special case. Hm. She clings to humanity by focusing on selfless acts such as this, but she may be on the verge of total corruption.
Arphaun: And yet she's somehow...different than most Cabalists.
Arphaun: Her power is astonishing, true, but it's her heart that has me puzzled, <playername>.
Arphaun: Hm. Never have I seen the Well of Midnight's stain affect such pain and genuine sadness in anyone.
Arphaun: You'll see.
Arphaun: Head to Crown Office Row and report to Emmera. We've people to save still.

Emmera: The injured come -- each another roll of thunder to shake my soul's base -- to make me waver.
Emmera: Help me, <playername>.
Emmera: Every life lost crashes upon me -- warm stars of color fading to cold nothing even as they plummet.
Emmera: The impacts are stronger than the distant River of grief that has carried me swiftly to the Dark since youth.
Emmera: I have swum that River each night of my life, <playername>. Now I fear it'll soon spill into an endless sea of black and I will drown in Midnight.
Emmera: I-- I suppose I'm not much for conversation.
Emmera: But the dying Templar...they are a weight, dragging and crushing. I can't take much more.
Emmera: Please help me save as many as possible.
Emmera: Their injuries are grave and severe. Each takes time to heal. They now stand at Death's door, knocking timidly.
Emmera: I don't expect you can save them all, but rescue 10 before 5 die.
Emmera: Just 10.
Emmera: Do that and maybe the thunder will cease so I can hear silence once more.
Emmera: Take this medkit, <playername>. Use it well.

Emmera: I... I don't know what happened.
Emmera: I saw death. We could not save any more. We could not even save ourselves! Then...
Emmera: Then I felt-- I felt it fill me. A rage great and terrible -- a fire so bright our sun was less than a flickering candle. I felt it take me, <playername>.
Emmera: I became...wrath.
Emmera: I fought. I believed this taking to signify my own end -- my final corruption -- my turn to the Dark. I...
Emmera: For a moment the anger swelled, surged, pushed. I tensed.
Emmera: The River of my youth -- the River I swim and drown in every night under currents of knotted souls -- those unfortunate cut down by Demonkind...the River screamed!
Emmera: It wailed. It thrashed. It burned and beat.
Emmera: It attacked!
Emmera: I turned it...and laughed. The River laughed with me.
Emmera: I don't know anymore. But I will learn, <playername>. I will learn.
Emmera: Come with me to Lord Arphaun.
Emmera: Come with me now. I need you.

Arphaun: <playername>? Emmera?
Arphaun: What is it, Emmera? What's happened, hm?
Emmera: I healed them, Arphaun. I healed them all.
Arphaun: So soon? That's wonderful!
Emmera: You don't understand. You can't. Wrath, Arphaun. Wrath filled me. I was borne away on its rage. It felt...good.
Emmera: I could have destroyed it all with the power had I not turned it. I could have destroyed everything.
Arphaun: What do you mean "everything," Emmera? What are you saying?
Emmera: I must be focused when next it takes me. I must control the flood. I must wield it!
Arphaun: Hmph! Make sense, girl.
Emmera: The River I swim. It's not water, Arphaun. It's a rush -- a rush of souls. Every soul. Every life the Demon consumed on every world.
Emmera: As I drifted, I saw. Arphaun, oh how I saw! History blurred across endless shores -- memories of other fights and other Burns.
Emmera: The River, Arphaun, the River that healed...
Emmera: I think I can control it.
Emmera: We must find the Sigil. We must level all worlds.
Emmera: The Demon fears it, Arphaun.
Emmera: The Demon fears me.