Tripping the Rift

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Tripping the Rift
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Maxim
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: Helping Hands
Next quest: Secrets

Experience: 3990
Palladium: 127
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Ludgate Hill

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: Helping Hands
The next quest in the sequence is: Secrets

  • Quest name: Tripping the Rift



  • Experience: 3990
  • Palladium: 127


Maxim: Ah, <playername>, my house has been treating you well, I hope?
Maxim: Certainly, you have earned its luxury.
Maxim: Indeed, the liberation of my Principality has even earned you a modicum of my own gratitude.
Maxim: Now I have further use of you.
Maxim: My plans require --ah-- outside assistance.
Maxim: I trust you can be discreet?
Maxim: Our Smiths have been studying. The late Dr. Fawkes' Far Sight has been...improved.
Maxim: With this enhancement we are able to identify Hellrifts before they form.
Maxim: Yes. You see the value. Good.
Maxim: Along with the detection device, my Techs have created a weapon to forcibly pull premature Rifts into our realm.
Maxim: Defenseless in youth, they may be destroyed with ease.
Maxim: I have a great --ah-- honor for you, <playername>.
Maxim: I bid you travel to Ludgate Hill. Use the modified Far Sight. Seek out all Rifts there. Reveal them...
Maxim: Destroy them.

Maxim: Better than --ah-- expected, <playername>.
Maxim: The entire area is free from the ever-looming threat of Rift incursion.
Maxim: Marvelous.
Maxim: Soon our time will come. Soon we will create new legends!
Maxim: My name will live a thousand years and a thousand more.
Maxim: You can --ah-- share in this glory as all loyal servicemen will.
Maxim: Come back to me soon, young one.
Maxim: Now that we have seen Truth. I will show you what is to be done with it.