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Optional Quest

Quest giver: Techsmith 14
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: Word Search
Next quest: AAA

Experience: 0
Palladium: 70
Standing: +100 with Charing Cross Station
Other: Rare Mod

Travel to Green Park Approach




Techsmith 14: This one, I definitely can't take care of.
Techsmith 14: I don't even know why I volunteered to do it!
Techsmith 14: Truths and Oracles be damned, <playername>. I really, really need you for this.
Techsmith 14: Turns out I was in such a rush to be useful, I might have raised my hand when Joanne mentioned something about needing a nest of Defilers cleaned out of Green Park Approach.
Techsmith 14: Think you can deal with it? There are only supposed to be 4 of them.
Techsmith 14: I mean, you are a champion, right? What's 4 Defilers to a <player's class> like you?

Techsmith 14: Thank goodness! I swear I'm not going to volunteer for anything stupid again...
Techsmith 14: After the next two missions are done, anyway.