Wisdom & Chaos

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Wisdom & Chaos
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Brandon Lann
Station: Covent Garden Station
Previous quest: A Truth Spoken
Next quest: Books & Riddles

Experience: 0
Palladium: 0
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Charing Cross Station

This is a Storyline Quest.
The previous quest in the sequence was A Truth Spoken.
The next quest in the sequence is Books & Riddles



  • None


Brandon Lann: I have been recalled to Templar Base by the High Lord Maxim
Brandon Lann: I am to report on recent activities.
Brandon Lann: Loathe as I am to admit it, I have little idea on how to proceed here anyway.
Brandon Lann: Frankly the truth of this 'Truth' eludes me.
Brandon Lann: Worry not, <playername>, I guarantee your experience will be clearly related to the High Lord...
Brandon Lann: Your experience and your quality.
Brandon Lann: While I do that, you must persue a different lead.
Brandon Lann: Seek an audience with Lord Arphaun at Charing Cross Station.
Brandon Lann: He may be an ancient bookworm, but if any of our Order will know the meaning of The Sage's words, it's him.
Brandon Lann: I sincerely hope to see you again, if duty permits.
Brandon Lann: You have done well here, <playername>
Brandon Lann: I can offer no greater prase, for service is life.
Brandon Lann: Godspeed.

Arphaun: Ah, <playername>, isn't it?
Arphaun: Hm. Our good destroyer of Hellrifts and savior of communiques...
Arphaun: Well done!
Arphaun: I hear you've also met someone interesting.
Arphaun: Tell me more of this Truth, will you?
Arphaun: Hm... From her words we learn little and much.
Arphaun: Demons are here to consume and corrupt all, but obviously our world is not their first prey.
Arphaun: We stand now against inevitability.
Arphaun: I've thought as much. The cryptic words of the Sage actually affirm my fears.
Arphaun: Her testimony serves well as supernatural proof to validate my own down-to-earth suspicions.
Arphaun: But who is she, hm?
Arphaun: And who are those others she speaks of?
Arphaun: How shall we proceed to protect out insignificant selves against such terrible odds?
Arphaun: I intend to figure that out!
Arphaun: But it will take time...
Arphaun: You've done very well for the people of Covent Garden Station, <playername>.
Arphaun: Exceptionally well, even.
Arphaun: Our men and women here are no less needy. Help them as you can.
Arphaun: Come back to me when you've had your fill.
Arphaun: I will have devised a plan for this Truth by then.