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Arms & Answers
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Lord Arphaun
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: Books & Riddles
Next quest: That'll Get Infected

Standing: none
Other: none

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: Books & Riddles
The next quest in the sequence is: That'll Get Infected

  • Quest name: Arms & Answers
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


  • Part 1

Lord Arphaun: Blast it!
Lord Arphaun: I'll never get any information out of this cursed beast!
Lord Arphaun: There's little more I can do here, <playername>.
Lord Arphaun: But maybe someone else can help?
Lord Arphaun: Hm... Yes I think we require a more 'specialized' opinion.
Lord Arphaun: If anyone can comprehend the mad shrieks of a severed demon head, it's Lucious Aldin.
Lord Arphaun: Please, deliver the Oracle to him, <playername>.
Lord Arphaun: Lucious typically resides in Green Park Station, but he's here now. Hmph! I'll wager that's no coincidence.
Lord Arphaun: <playername>, please be wary... Lucious is most unstable.
Lord Arphaun: I'd not have brought him into this if I hadn't already expended every other option - every single one!
Lord Arphaun: Please understand, the man is truly mad - and unreliable because of it.
Lord Arphaun: Be patient and take care.

  • Part 2

Lucious Aldin: Give me that severed head, <playername>!
Lucious Aldin: It's mine!
Lucious Aldin: I bit it off with my own teeth!
Lucious Aldin: Techsmith 314! Quickly, where's my face-hitting hammer I use to hit you in the face with? It's sorely needed!
Techsmith 314: Oh dear! I'm afraid I "accidentally" set it on fire and smashed it into a thousand pieces before "accidentally" disposing of it's remains sir.
Lucious Aldin: Bah!
Lucious Aldin: Look, <playername>. I don't know how you wrested The Oracle's head out of the impenetrable cardboard box I secured it in, but it was put there for a bloody good reason...
Lucious Aldin: The bastard tortured me... In Hell! For a trillion years.
Lucious Aldin: Or was it just four?
Lucious Aldin: Anyway! That's why I cut it up and spread the pieces around London.
Lucious Aldin: Whoa now... You actually need the Oracle, <playername>?
Lucious Aldin: Oh, bother! I suppose you want me to help get it back together, too?
Lucious Aldin: Fine then! I'll play your reluctant ER doctor if the need is so great...
Lucious Aldin: The endless torture is all spilt milk anyway, right?
Lucious Aldin: And I suppose it isn't exactly neighborly to hold a grudge after you've chopped someone's head off.
Techsmith 314: Too right, sir! Way to stick to your guns, sir!
Lucious Aldin: Shut the face hole! I am preparing to say things!
Lucious Aldin: The Oracle's brimming with knowledge, <playername>.
Lucious Aldin: Spooky knowledge.
Lucious Aldin: But it's not going to dish unless stitched up.
Lucious Aldin: Our makeship operating room will have to be in Green Park Station. But first...
Lucious Aldin: Techsmith 314! My back itches! Come appease my back by re-grouting this poorly laid tile!

  • Part 3

Lucious Aldin: Ahh Green Park Station! Such fond memories...
Lucious Aldin: Look! Over there in the corner! That's where the Oracle stretched me on a rack of fiery thorn-maggots and had my brain probed with The Emulsifier.
Lucious Aldin: And look over there, next to the mound of skulls! That's where I'd peacefully sleep with the Javelins of Everlasting Agony protruding from my special places!
Lucious Aldin: Ah, to be young again! Such good times!
Lucious Aldin: But enough reminiscing. I should get to the point before 314's afternoon flog.
Techsmith 314:Time already sir? Oh, how the horrible days do just fly right by.
Lucious Aldin: Indeed. Anyhow, I separated the Oracle into several chunks for safe-keeping.
Lucious Aldin: The first chunk you have.
Lucious Aldin: The second is in a lovely little place called the Altar of Pain. It's quaint - sort of"French country." You can find it inside Death's Sewers.
Lucious Aldin: To free this Oracle piece you must sate the Altar of Pain's ravenous hunger by destroying nearby enemies and then salvaging their remains to power the infernal contraption.
Lucious Aldin: It's mushy, but at least it doesn't make noise.

  • Part 4

Lucious Aldin: Welcome back, <playername>! It's good that you've recovered a chunk of the Oracle from the Altar of Pain for I have something of great importance to discuss with you...
Lucious Aldin: Do you think my left leg is longer than my right? I suppose I could shave one down.
Lucious Aldin: Think on that as you strive to obtain the third piece of the Oracle's beastly body. It can be found within Death's City.
Lucious Aldin: I was thinking of calling the place "¡Taco Fort!" but it just didn't have the same ring.

  • Part 5

Lucious Aldin: Another piece of the Oracle. Grand!
Lucious Aldin: Soon enough, you shrieking Demon bastard!
Lucious Aldin: Soon we'll reassemble you so that you can be more thoroughly killed!
Lucious Aldin: Um... After all the learning we need to do, of course.
Lucious Aldin: First, you must venture into the sweaty Womb of Despair and initiate the totally underwhelming reconstruction sequence, <playername>.
Lucious Aldin: The Womb itself will require a sufficient amount of fuel to operate, but finding enough hapless zombies to fill the "unbirth" canal's quota shouldn't be a big deal.
Lucious Aldin: Lots of folk have died in the Womb of Despair!
Lucious Aldin: In fact, everyone that went in kind of exploded.
Lucious Aldin: Me? Oh goodness, I never went into that freakin' place. Heck no. Are you crazy?
Lucious Aldin: No. No. No. I just flung in the Oracle piece you now seek off the back of a speeding motorcar.
Lucious Aldin: But don't fret!
Lucious Aldin: If the Womb acts up we'll just tie a rope around 314's feet and dip him in! It'll think it's getting fed fresh zombie! Same diff!
Techsmith 314: Sounds just lovely, sir.
Techsmith 314: But may I please have a moment to hang myself first?
Techsmith 314: It will only take a moment, sir. I'm ever so good with knots.

Lucious Aldin: Ugh! I had forgotten the smell of a new unbirth.
Lucious Aldin: I knew I named it the Womb of Despair for a reason...
Lucious Aldin: Just couldn't remember if that reason was because it smelled like a heap of burning garbage smoking up a sauna full of fat women in labor, or because it had something to do with my inability to find a good prepackaged soft sugar cookie at the time.
Lucious Aldin: I shall make a mental note!
Lucious Aldin: Now give me a minute to get my celebratory gyrating electric sword that shoots bees ready...
Lucious Aldin: Then we'll get this Oracle reconstruction party started for real!