Date Escape

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Date Escape
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Jons
Station: Monument Station
Previous quest: Only Human
Next quest: Mad Love

Experience: 570
Palladium: 42
Standing: +100 with Monument Station
Other: Unidentified Enhanced Leg Armor

Travel to Monument Crawlway



  • Experience: 570
  • Palladium: 42
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Monument Station
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Leg Armor


Jons: I didn't need to call Goodall. The woman's keeping tabs on me!
Jons: I'm at once flattered and utterly terrified, <playername>.
Jons: She was so excited by the successful vengeance op we pulled on that bastard Demon she missed the last time out, she actually invited me to another...soirée.
Jons: That's short for me dangling like a worm on a line in Demon infested Monument Crawlway while she picks off targets from far, far away.
Jons: I know it's been a while, and relationships aren't exactly easy to keep around here, but I'm not so desperate to be held that I'll expose myself to unnecessary Demonic rampage.
Jons: I do have an idea, though!
Jons: What if you traveled to Monument Crawlway and took out a solid 9 Screechers?
Jons: Then I could play bait in relative safety and she could still get her kicks.
Jons: It's not an ideal outing between man and woman, but it could work.

Jons: It's going to work!
Jons: I get my date. She gets her op.
Jons: Thanks, <playername>!