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Optional Quest

Quest giver: Lolli
Station: Oxford Circus Station
Previous quest: none
Next quest: Fine Time

Experience: 390
Palladium: 0
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: Unidentified Enhanced Shoulder Armor

Travel to Death's City



  • Experience: 390
  • Standing: +50 Standing with the people of Templar Base
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Shoulder Armor


Lolli: Just you wait right there, <playername>.
Lolli: Do you have permission to cross here? I manage the crossing, see. No one walks unless I say 'walk'.
Lolli: Did I say 'walk'? I don't recall saying 'walk'. Do you recall me saying 'walk'? No?
Lolli: That's because I bloody didn't!
Lolli: Just like a smug <players class> too busy climbing the ladder of rank to obey the rules we lowly folk live by.
Lolli: Just like!
Lolli: Rules keep us a step above the Demon, you know. Rules must be set and followed. They make civilization... civilized.
Lolli: Lord Enorat doesn't follow rules.
Lolli: Nope. No rules there.
Lolli: That's because Lord Enorat is a Demon!
Lolli: It just walks right on through - right through the crossing. No permission or anything.
Lolli: That's a punishable offence, you know.
Lolli: Punishable by death.
Lolli: Find the offender in Death's City. Blow it apart.
Lolli: I take proper crossing procedures quite seriously, <playername>.

Lolli: Death to the Offender! Yes. This...pleases me.
Lolli: You'll think twice before crossing against the signals, won't you, <playername>?
Lolli: Good, good.
Lolli: I would not enjoy having you ordered flayed, too.