Kill No Name

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Kill No Name
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Joanne
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: none
Next quest: Find Dobster

Experience: 900
Palladium: 75
Standing: +100 Charing Cross Station
Other: Normal Weapon

Travel to Chocolate Park



  • Experience: 900
  • Palladium: 75
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the People of Charing Cross Station
  • Item: Normal weapon


Joanne: Once upon a time, life was good and I was fabulously rich.
Joanne: Everyone wanted a piece of the bank that was me, but I held on, got lucky, and was able to spend everything when it mattered most... then the Demon came.
Joanne: The fortune I earned? Gone in a day. And all to save a handful of grubs - our future Cabalists, Hunters and Templar.
Joanne: You know what? No regrets. Money wouldn't have done me any good now. Although...
Joanne: My once-upon-a-time financial management skills earned me the unenviable task of minding our own little pot of palladium here in Charing Cross.
Joanne: I just wish I had support!
Joanne: Lucious... Eck. He's powerful but careless. I can't rely on him to manage our reserves.
Joanne: Even now, while he dances around his sadly suicidal minion, 314, Anthropophagus devours our palladium stores.
Joanne: I need someone to kill that bastard before we go broke!
Joanne: Will you track down Anthropophagus, <playername>? I know it lingers in Chocolate Park.
Joanne: Its death would be most... profitable.

Joanne: Ooh. That'll do nicely.
Joanne: We'll be able to stockpile our palladium without worry now.