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Optional Quest

Quest giver: Hatton
Station: Oxford Circus Station
Previous quest: Knockout
Next quest: Heavyweight

Experience: 780
Palladium: 70
Standing: +100 with Charing Cross Station
Other: 1 Stat Point
Rare Mod

Travel to Death's City
  • Kill 12 Crested Stalkers
  • Speak with Hatton



  • Experience: 780
  • Palladium: 70
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Charing Cross Station
  • Stat Point: 1
  • Item: Rare mod


Hatton: Right. The second nest...
Hatton: After I blew apart the Daddy Demon, these Crested Stalkers fled to Death's City.
Hatton: Take care of 12 of 'em and we can polish off the remaining group.

Hatton: Aye. That'll do, <playername>. That'll do just fine.
Hatton: One more batch to smash, yeah?