Monkey's Business

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Monkey's Business
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Goodall
Station: Oxford Circus Station
Previous quest: Placement
Next quest: none

Experience: 550
Palladium: 85
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: 1 Stat Point
Unidentified Legendary Weapon

Travel to Monument Station

Speak with Jons



  • Experience: 550
  • Palladium: 85
  • Standing: +50 Standing with the people of Templar Base
  • Stat Point: 1
  • Item: Unidentified Legendary Weapon


Goodall: I'm ready. I could be weeks in the hole this round.
Goodall: Mm... I have an idea on how to make this one pay sweeter than any other.
Goodall: My boy, Jons -- sweet boy -- is in Monument Station.
Goodall: If you can deliver this personal note to him, he might follow me into the Dark.
Goodall: The kid plays good bait. He'll bring kills right into my line if I work him right.
Goodall: He may not be down for this little prolonged crime against Evil, though.
Goodall: I know I can pull a good score off this op if you could just get Jons to play.
Goodall: Up to it?

Jons: This from Goodall? Damn. She wants me to do something stupid-dangerous, doesn't she?
Jons: Nuts to that.
Jons: Last time Goodall had me on one of her runs, she let a few Demons stake me to a wall... Staked. Not fun.
Jons: I played involuntary bait for four days until I nearly bled out. That's not something I'd care to repeat.
Jons: Still, that lunatic Goodall does get results. Can't argue with results, right?
Jons: Plus... She is kind of cute, huh?