Night Striders

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Night Striders
Unique Feral Boots

When you reach the end of all light, it is time to step into the darkness.
- Seeker Crowe

Armor: 48 Shelds: 72

Adds 4% Damage
Critical Chance Bonus: +2%
BLINK [1 - 3]
Adds [50 - 250] to Phase Attack Strength
Movement Speed Bonus: +[20 - 30]%
Minion Armor: +[40 - 60]%

25 Stam, 14 Will

Item level [55 - 58]
Requires Character Level 46

Evoker, Summoner
Abyss only

Drop level range: 47 and above
(Assumes level matches white monster level)

Drop Locations

Abyss Bosses

The Fulcrum