Omnia Omnibus

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Omnia Omnibus
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Aeron Altair
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: Give 110
Next quest: There All Honor Lies

Experience: 1180
Palladium: 85
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: Normal Mods

Travel to Fleet Street



  • Experience: 1180
  • Palladium: 85
  • Standing: +50 with People of Templar Base
  • Item: Normal Mods


Aeron Altair: If Lann doesn't heal soon, I will truly go mad.
Aeron Altair: Do this. Do that. This needs fixing. That needs replacing. These men need saving. Those Demons need killing.
Aeron Altair: Say what you will of Lord Maxim, at least he doesn't badger.
Aeron Altair: A compromise between the two extremes -- Maxim's lax approach to management and Lann's oppressive hands-on-style -- would be ideal.
Aeron Altair: Alas, life is seldom ideal, hence this new infestation in Fleet Street.
Aeron Altair: Apparently, it too is in dire need of immediate heroic smiting.
Aeron Altair: Care to handle this one? We're looking at 9 Bile Brains -- not exactly taxing for a <player-class> of your standing.

Aeron Altair: Hm? Yes?
Aeron Altair: Oh! Right... The Infestation in Fleet Street.
Aeron Altair: Well, done is done. Results look good.
Aeron Altair: Thanks, friend.