Piece of Mind

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Piece of Mind
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Techsmith 42
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest:
Next quest:

Other: The Piecemaker

Part 1

Part 2

Completion of That'll Get Infected Storyline Quest is a prerequisite required to unlock this quest.


Part 1

Part 2



Part 1

Techsmith 42: Hello, hello, <playername>. A moment of your time, if I may?
Techsmith 42: Thank you. Please, have a seat. Figuratively. Have you noticed how the Apocalypse ravaged chairs? Magnificent to observe.
Techsmith 42: ...but I digress
Techsmith 42: So, HQ always wants us to pump out scraps for the rebuilding process. Where we get them is none of their concern, we're simply expected to provide.
Techsmith 42: Fortunately, demons always seem to carry all sorts of colorful metal junk we can dismantle. Breaking it all down by hand is quite a mundane task though. Hurts the thumbs like a devil, too.
Techsmith 42: What's more, salvaged devil's property takes eons to process. More than two, less than tree, to be exact...
Techsmith 42: Unless!
Techsmith 42: There's a quasi-magical junk shredder prototype we're trying to test, you see. Its current core just lacks some arcane essence to ignite its appetite.
Techsmith 42: But perhaps *you* could smelt a new magical core for it, if you feel so inclined. Easier than it sounds, I assure you.
Techsmith 42: Sinns are a particularly gluttonous breed of demons, so Seeker Crowe believes that their Energetic Glands could be smelted into an ULT Power Plant we could use.
Techsmith 42: If our scouts are correct, you should be able to find Sinns in Craven Street, Whitehall, and Admiralty Arch.
Techsmith 42: So here. These blueprints should let you smelt one out of them, right on the field. Convenient, is it not?
Techsmith 42: Tada!

Part 2

Techsmith 42: Stellar work, <playername>. I will get to work immediately.
Techsmith 42: Should the prototype work, we will certainly spare one for all your heroic needs.
Techsmith 42: How does ITM-SCRP sound? No?
Techsmith 42: Resounding success, <playername>! It dismantles whatever we program it to!
Techsmith 42: Sir Lucious got his hands on one as well, but to what ends I dare not ask.
Techsmith 42: ...he did mention a golem he could now build out of all his ancient gear. The Thunder, was it?
Techsmith 42: Regardless. Here is yours, <playername>, as promised. Completely free of charge, of course.
Techsmith 42: Consider it a token of our appreciation for all your support.

Quest incomplete

Techsmith 42: Hm?
Techsmith 42: You're not done yet. Hi-tech magic can't be fueled by scraps, I'm afraid. Not in this context anyway.

Quest completed

Techsmith 42: Tada!