She's Not Cut... Yet

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She's Not Cut... Yet
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Jons
Station: Monument Station
Previous quest: Cold Feet
Next quest: The Deal Seal

Experience: 1300
Palladium: 90
Standing: +100 with Monument Station
Other: Unidentified Rare Shoulder Armor

Travel to Monument Crawlway



  • Experience: 1300
  • Palladium: 90
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Monument Station
  • Item: Unidentified Rare Shoulder Armor


Jons: Another Demon is breaching the perimeter!
Jons: This one has made it all the way to Monument Crawlway!
Jons: Get over there and destroy anything evil, <playername>.

Jons: Another close one. Thank you.