Surya's Perfect Solution

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Nanodyne Venom Lance.png
Surya's Perfect Solution
Unique Nanodyne Venom Lance

My long sickness of health and living now begins to mend, and nothing brings me all things.
- William Shakespeare

Toxic Dmg (Beam): 34-45/sec
Toxic Dmg (Splash): 3-5/1.7m
Rate of fire: constant
Poison Attack Strength: 270

Adds [110 - 123] to Poison Attack Strength
Splash and Field Radius: +[15 - 17]%
+[48 - 54]% Damage to Spectrals


46 Acc

Item level 23
Requires Character Level 17

Marksman, Engineer

Drop level range: 20 - 26
(Assumes level matches white monster level)