That Includes Blasphemy

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That Includes Blasphemy
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Nasim
Station: Monument Station
Previous quest: On & Off
Next quest: none

Experience: 2130
Palladium: 142
Standing: +100 with Monument Station
Other: Unidentified Legendary Helmet

Travel to Liverpool Street Station



  • Experience: 2130
  • Palladium: 142
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Monument Station
  • Item: Unidentified Legendary Helmet


Nasim: Afraid I don't have anything left for you to do, <playername>.
Nasim: Wait. That's not exactly true.
Nasim: I do have a message for Lyra Darius in Liverpool Street Station.
Nasim: Has to be hand-delivered. Lyra Darius is real sensitive that way.
Nasim: If you want to play fast courier, it's yours.
Nasim: No peeking, though.

Lyra: Come from Nasim?
Lyra: Nice try. He's always trying to figure out how I made it, but I'll never tell...mostly because I can't.
Lyra: But, the next time you see, Nasim, assure him that some women are just impervious to grenades.