The Infection

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The Infection
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Rorke Pherral
Station: Temple Station
Previous quest: Temple Trek
Next quest: Hooked

Experience: 980
Palladium: 320
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Aldwych

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: Temple Trek
The next quest in the sequence is: Hooked

  • Quest name: The Infection



  • Experience: 980
  • Palladium: 320


Rorke Pherral: Word just came down. I didn't realize Arphaun sent you, kid. Lord knows I owe the old man a lot, so I'll look after you.
Rorke Pherral: It's just... These boils. I can't ignore 'em. I just can't.
Rorke Pherral: Trust me, I'd love to help find the Truths for you.
Rorke Pherral: It's just not gonna happen.
Rorke Pherral: We have a problem right here and right now. If we don't deal, no one is going to be finding anything... ever.
Rorke Pherral: So... Kid, even though I can't help you with your problem, will you help me with mine?
Rorke Pherral: Best we can figure, this street infection is coming from a Demon we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet.
Rorke Pherral: It's littering the city with toxic boils.
Rorke Pherral: The place was kind of crappy already, but this is just ridiculous.
Rorke Pherral: I ain't standing for it anymore, kid. I'm gonna kill this sucker.
Rorke Pherral: Me and Ser Sing over there think we can track the son of a bitch to where it lives.
Rorke Pherral: First, we need a fresh sample from one of the boils.
Rorke Pherral: "Fresh," kid. That's the tough part.
Rorke Pherral: We get the sample, she works the dark mojo, out pops a tracker.
Rorke Pherral: Then we nuke the bastard.
Rorke Pherral: Everyone I got is out looking for fresh samples. I'll need you in Aldwych doing your part.
Rorke Pherral: I have a container for you. Go on, take it.
Rorke Pherral: Good luck, kid.

  • Travel to Aldwych
  • Incoming Transmission from Ser Sing

Ser Sing: So you are Arphaun's little poppet?
Ser Sing: Well, poppet, I am Ser Sing, First Seer of the Cabal.
Ser Sing: From you I require little, but if Rorke is ever to deliver us from this bothersome infection, you must provide me a boil sample -- a fresh boil sample, poppet.
Ser Sing: The fresh ones emit gases. Easy to spot.
Ser Sing: Once you are able to collect a sample, return it to me.
Ser Sing: I shall harness the Nameless Fire and twist the boil to my will.
Ser Sing: Then we shall see where its master hides.

Ser Sing: My, you have done well, haven't you, poppet?
Ser Sing: I can sense the evil pouring from this thing... Like tin and lightning across my lips -- fire and ice on my skin.
Ser Sing: Oh yes, poppet, I feel it.
Ser Sing: And all that I feel, I may bend and break as I choose.
Ser Sing: It will take but a moment for my will to leash this pathetic boil.
Ser Sing: Then Rorke will have what he requires.
Ser Sing: Come back to me soon, poppet.

Ser Sing's chant is silent. Her soul seizes the Well of Midnight and bends the boil to her bidding...