The Master's Wand

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XM803 Zeus Rifle.png
The Master's Wand
Unique Cabalist Arc Rifle

Neither gods nor devils will help those who lack the will to fight.

Electricity Dmg (Beam): 4-9/sec
Interrupt Strength: 170
Rate of fire: constant
Shock Attack Strength: 90

Plus 3 to all Elemental Mastery Skills
Increases use rate of Elemental skills by [20 - 30]%
Minion Armor: +[20 - 24]%
Minion Health: +[20 - 24]%
+[60 - 65] Luck

[1 - 2]
[1 - 2]

68 Acc

Item level 32
Requires Character Level 25

Evoker, Summoner

Drop level range: N/A
(Assumes level matches white monster level)

Drop Locations

Emissaries of Myth event subbosses.