Us & Them

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Us & Them
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Gil
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: Dogs
Next quest: Shine On

Experience: 860
Palladium: 75
Standing: +100 with Charing Cross Station
Other: Enhanced Gloves

Travel to Downing Street



  • Experience: 860
  • Palladium: 75
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Charing Cross Station
  • Item: Enhanced gloves


Gil: I've seen through their charade.
Gil: They all want what's mine!
Gil: So now it falls on me to draw the line... Us. Them!
Gil: We must keep them from my prize. Set up a screen - a fence before their eyes!
Gil: And if they move suddenly to make an audacious claim, their front ranks will perish in horror and flame!
Gil: You must help defend what I've earned, <playername>. Please. Without you, I'll soon be down and out while others scurry about.
Gil: Will you prevent them from stealing what's mine? Will you turn on 2 Terminals and bless me with time?
Gil: In Downing Street... I need you there, now more than ever. Make haste! Make haste!

Gil: Yes... Yes! She is almost mine.