Vicar's Viral Lance

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Nanodyne Venom Lance.png
Vicar's Viral Lance
Legendary Nanodyne Venom Lance

Call forth what Man has forged to illuminate the Night, and banish that which seeks our death!
- Vicar

Toxic Dmg (Beam): 68-90/sec
Rate of fire: constant
Phase Attack Strength: 88
Poison Attack Strength: 300

Fear Strength: 14 in a 5m radius for 3 seconds; field lasts 1 seconds
Weapon Energy Consumption: -30
Adds [80 - 120] to Phase Attack Strength
Willpower: +15


44 Acc

Item level 26
Requires Character Level 20

Marksman, Engineer

Drop level range: N/A
(Assumes level matches white monster level)